16 brand-new TPE grades for high-end automotive applications

MEGOL™ AUTO TPS-SEBS Compounds for automotive overmolding

MEGOL™ AUTO TPS-SEBS for high performance and premium aesthetics

At the SPE Automotive TPO Conference in Detroit, October 2018, Trinseo launched four new TPS-SEBS product series, including sixteen adhesion-modified grades specifically developed for automotive overmolding applications: MEGOL™ AUTO AD-S, AD-C, AD-M, and AD-G. The MEGOL™ AUTO products family enables high-quality surface appearance, including surface homogeneity, and good scratch resistance.

Typical characteristics of our new adhesion-optimized

  • Good to excellent aesthetics/haptics
  • Gloss range from matte to glossy
  • Good scratch resistance
  • Easy demolding and wide processing window
  • Wide range of hardness for each series

"We developed our new soft-touch TPEs focused both on excellent processability and strong adhesion in injection molding and extrusion applications," Tony Samurkas, Trinseo's TS&D Director North Americas, explains. "Bonding strength between the TPE and the polar substrate is dependent on the chemical compatibility of the materials. Optimal adhesion is achieved if you have the control and expert knowledge of the technology of both the rigid- and soft-touch plastics."

MEGOL™ AUTO – Adhesion-optimized TPEs for automotive overmolding applications

The synergy of a rigid and soft-touch plastic portfolio

The demand for combining soft and hard thermoplastic materials is growing with many automotive applications that require a soft-touch surface over a rigid substrate. Overmolded TPEs provide many advantages such as wet grip, impact resistance, vibration damping, insulation, and overall enhanced haptics. For overmolding, our adhesion-modified TPEs provide strong adhesion to MAGNUM™ ABS, PULSE™ PC/ABS, and other polar substrates without the use of primers, adhesion promoters, or additional surface treatment. Our materials are emission-optimized, provide excellent colorability and durability, not to mention good UV resistance.

"Trinseo’s new MEGOL™ AUTO TPS-SEBS series for overmolding provide optimized adhesion, a broad range of hardness, melt flows, and finishes for excellent aesthetics and haptics," Tony Samurkas emphasizes. "Globally, our customers can benefit significantly from the synergy between Trinseo's rigid and soft-touch product portfolio."

Optimization for overmolding

For more than 30 years, Trinseo has been a renowned partner for the development of rigid plastic materials that power automotive applications. With the acquisition of API S.p.A. in 2017, we additionally gained unique expertise in both the formulation technology and the compounding processes of innovative TPE solutions. Our capacities also include a state-of-the-art Specialized Overmolding Center (SOC) which is designed to measure the adhesion between substrates in accordance with VDI 2019 standards.

Durable adhesion between soft TPEs and rigid thermoplastics depends on several variables, such as material temperature, mold temperature, injection speed, and injection pressure/post pressure. We played an active part in co-developing the VDI 2109 standards which provide a systematic peeling-test method to define and measure bond strength between rigid and soft-touch materials, allowing the reliable selection of optimal material combinations.

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