Next-generation Plastics for Mobility – Trinseo Performance Plastics, April 2020

Next-generation Plastics for Mobility by Trinseo

Next-Generation Plastics for Mobility

We help our customers meeting the challenges of relevant industry trends, such as e-mobility, assisted and autonomous driving, car-sharing interiors, and lightweight design.

Being a leading global partner in the automotive industry, Trinseo offers more than a complete range of rigid and soft-touch polymers. We also contribute deep technical expertise and global service to our customers' development and production of future-oriented automotive applications.

Our portfolio of innovative plastics solutions for the automotive industry enables the production of cost-efficient, high-performance components for all requirements of today's and tomorrow's mobility with a future-oriented focus on the saving of resources and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. 

PULSE™ GX50 contributes to automotive parts made from CO2

Daimler C-Pillar PULSE™ GX50 Opus 12 CO2 PC

Daimler C-Pillar made with PULSE™ GX50 containing Opus 12's CO2made™ PC (detail)

Trinseo was asked by Daimler to assist in producing material samples of PULSE™ GX50 PC/ABS, containing a small portion of PC made from captured CO2 using technology from engineering startup Opus 12.

VW Golf wheel arch interior trim overmolded with MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS

MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS for VW wheel arch cover

VW wheel arch cover trim made with MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS (detail)

When VW required a versatile soft-touch material that would adhere to a rigid substrate, Trinseo’s MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS offered the solution: the look and feel of rubber with the cost-efficiency of thermoplastics.

Closing the loop in automotive

What is the connection between car sharing and closing the loop in automotive? Pascal Lakeman, Global R&D Director, Trinseo explains it in an interview.

Click below and watch the clip on Trinseo's YouTube channel.

Next generation ENLITE™ PP LGF for aesthetic surfaces

ENLITE™ PP LGF plaque surface aesthetics

ENLITE™ PP LGF Promo Plaque in color beige (detail)

Trinseo’s long glass fiber reinforced structural polymers offer weight and cost-saving potential when used as a metal alternative. They provide flexible  solutions wherever stiffness, dimensional stability, and thermal resistance are important.

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