Charles Bombardier’s out-of-the-box ideas on self-driving cars

What if…

That is probably how Charles Bombardier starts every new blogpost. On his blog “Imaginactive” he makes up new innovative ways how people may travel through land, air, water and space, by completely ignoring budgets, timelines and the rules of physics.

So, of course, Bombardier has a vision for self-driving cars, too. And it does not end with the image of a car, that drives on its own. He imagines the Tridika, an object that reminds of an elevator and works like a maglev train.

The Tridika drives on it’s own – just like a car would – but it can be parked next to your home, no matter if you live in a townhouse or a sky scraper. Magnet lifts would transport the vehicle everywhere and offer you additional space while at home and while on the road.