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Chris Pappas talks about growth opportunities for 2017

An interview with Trinseo CEO Chris Pappas

Chris Pappas interview with Yahoo! Finance

By producing plastics, synthetic rubber and latex, Trinseo contributes to large parts of the global economy. In a recent interview, Trinseo CEO, Chris Pappas, talks about growth opportunities for the industry in 2017 and gives investors and customers a prospect on business developments.

No matter if it is certain plastics which make cars lighter and therefore enable a better gas mileage, synthetic rubbers that optimize the sustainability of tires, the ever-changing market for consumer electronics, that steadily asks for new solutions – Chris Pappas is optimistic to deliver value with growth in the industry. He expects synthetic rubber especially with performance tires, and performance plastics to be high-growth markets in 2017. Also his outlook on the autoindustry is constructive.

Furthermore, Pappas admits to be a fan of infrastructure in general, what makes him feel positive about the construction and infrastructure plans of president-elect Donald Trump. He claims: “Not only for our company, with products like latex that goes to concrete. Polystyrene goes into insulation for housing and other applications like that. But I just think it’s good for jobs, and I think therefore it’ll be good for the economy and raise the demand on other products, whether it’s smartphones, laptops, cars...”

Pappas also emphasizes the importance of China as a high-profit market, which was the main reason for Trinseo to invest there and build a major facility, that starts production in 2017.

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