Case Studies

ENLITE™ and Renault's lightweighting strategy

Dr. Gérard Liraut on strategies, breakthroughs, and the wow-effect

The automotive industry has not reached its full weight reduction potential, yet. 

Dr. Gérard Liraut, Expert Leader Polymers at Renault, agrees. In his everyday work, Dr. Liraut focuses on making Renault vehicles lighter to reduce carbon emissions.

In a recent interview, Dr. Liraut sat down with us to discuss the innovative Renault Espace liftgate, the first of its thermoplastic kind for Renault. Gradually, conventional metal parts are being replaced by plastic solutions.

The materials that stand out for Dr. Liraut are polymers. That is why for the Espace liftgate, Renault worked with our ENLITE™ Structural Polymers. Dr. Gérard Liraut doesn’t see the liftgate as the end of the road, instead, it is more likely to be the beginning.

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With 1 l/100km, EOLAB rises to the challenge of ultralow fuel consumption

The EOLAB is a showcase for Renault's innovations in favor of the environment and rises to the challenge of ultralow fuel consumption.

Explore the summary of a Renault presentation for the international SFIP congress "Matériaux Polymères & Industrie Automobile" in June 2015.

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