ENLITE™ Structural Polymers for semi-structural applications

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Lighter weight is not a trend. It's a necessity.

Wherever stiffness, dimensional stability and thermal resistance are important, our ENLITE™ Structural Polymers family of products can be used to replace steel and aluminum components. This is especially attractive for semi-structural applications.

To help our customers to explore the possibilities, our application development team (AEDC) is available to assist with design, structural, and process engineering expertise.

A system approach: The customer defines the numbers

The system based approach of the ENLITE™ Structural Polymers family of products offers maximum flexibility, allowing the same glass concentrate solution to be mixed as needed to achieve the required material properties for different types of applications. The right products combined with the right services equals the right solution for your application.

Prepared to meet the needs

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Offers a robust, affordable solution for today‘s automotive lightweight needs in semi-structural applications.

  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistance
  • Durability
  • Better dimensional stability compared to PP-SGF

ENLITE™ GF alloys

Represent a “bridge” to still-future carbon fiber solutions or substitute over-designed PA applications.

ENLITE™ ABS-LGF, and the other ENLITE™ GF alloys offer:

  • Better stiffness at high temperature (85°C) compared to PP-LGF
  • Better dimensional stability than PP-LGF

Light materials for heavy strains

The semi-structural part of a tailgate must have a perfect fit and must be able to invisibly accommodate many hidden elements, such as hinges, lock mechanisms and electrical wiring.

At the same time, impact resistance, thermal expansion, and durability are critical factors, since the tailgate is subject to mechanical and climatic forces that can lead to deformations. Using PP-LGF or another GF Alloy may save up to 15% mass and costs.

Semi-structural applications with ENLITE™ Structural Polymers

ENLITE™ is not only a material

Our Application Engineering and Design Center (AEDC) and our global support teams partner with our customers in a two-way relationship to identify opportunities and to optimize part design and processing, so you get the maximal benefit from the ENLITE™ system.

Download our ENLITE™ brochure ­"Lighter weight is not a trend. It's a necessity."