Goodyear's vision of a spherical tire

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Optimal movability and safety for future autonomous cars

At this year's Geneva International Motor Show, Goodyear highlighted its visionary concept tire Eagle-360. With the appearance of a big rubber globe, the multi-directional tire would be able to move in all directions avoiding obstacles supported by built-in sensors for proactive and safe reaction of an autonomously driving car. Rubber embedded sensors would be responsible for communicating real-time road and weather conditions to accordingly adapt the tire's behavior.

Eagle-360 big rubber globe, the multi-directional tire

Imitating natural patterns and structures, the 3D-printed tire's rubber surface is meant to stiffen when dry and soften when wet for enhanced driving performance providing comfort and safety to the car's occupants. The sphere will be not fixed traditionally to the vehicle, of course. It would be connected with a (not yet finally developed) levitation system comparable to the technology already known from magnetic levitation trains.

Pushing the boundaries

Next generations' mobility will most probably be characterized by smart autonomous vehicles meeting the needs for reliable, safe, and sustainable transport solutions. A concept such as the Eagle-360 (or also Goodyear's BH-03, a vision for an electricity-producing tire) is a disruptive and inspiring contribution to the ongoing discussions in the automotive industry about how we can push the limits of thinking, designing, and engineering the future vehicles' technology.

(Image source: Goodyear EMEA Newsroom, ID 423552/ Eagle-360 Image 2)

View a video about the Eagle-360 clicking the YouTube link below.