Highly concentrated ENLITE™ PP-LGF for cost-effective lightweight design

The next level of ENLITE™ Structural Polymers

Focused on our customers' success and their future challenges of car manufacturing, we have advanced Trinseo's polymer technologies and proceeded to the next level of structural polymers: ENLITE™ LGF 1851, the first long glass fiber reinforced concentrate worldwide containing 85 percent glass share.

This innovation allows us to pass on up to 10 percent cost savings to our customers as a result of considerably reduced compounding costs and other efficiencies. (Compared to a traditional 20 or 30 percent PP-LGF pellet product.)

Lower compounding costs for semi-structural parts

Let's have a look at the compounding costs for semi-structural applications. How does the use of a PP-LGF concentrate with a high glass share affect these costs? The first example is a door module. Our reference model is manufactured with a traditional PP-LGF pellet product containing 30 percent glass share. The 85 percent glass share of ENLITE™ LGF 1851 enables a reduction of compounding costs to 35 percent.

Looking at a sample calculation of compounding costs for an instrument panel carrier, we see similar cost saving opportunities. Using ENLITE™ LGF 1851 with 85 percent glass allows us to reduce the compounding cost to 25 percent of the costs when using a PP-LGF pellet product containing 20 percent glass fiber.

IP carrier

Maximum flexibility for all types of semi-structural applications

The system based approach of the ENLITE™ Structural Polymers' product family provides maximum manufacturing flexibility. It allows for the same glass concentrate solution to be mixed as needed to achieve the required material properties for numerous types of semi-structural applications.

Enabling thin wall designs, the material's high flow is a result of the dilution PP used for the HiCon ENLITE™ PP-LGF. Trinseo's application development team (AEDC) is ready to assist with design, structural, and process engineering expertise.

The highly concentrated ENLITE™ PP-LGF, as our latest PP-LGF solution for semi-structural applications, excel with a lot of relevant features for cost-effective automotive lightweight design such as

•    high flow

•    good dispersion properties

•    low emissions/VOC

•    high material robustness

Lighter weight is not a trend. It's a necessity.

The automotive industry is facing an ongoing need to reduce carbon emissions. Trinseo supports you to meet these needs and is ready to tackle the challenge of upcoming requirements of both electrical vehicles and autonomous driving systems.

With our highly concentrated ENLITE™ PP-LGF we facilitate the development of steel replacement solutions for lighter cars without a loss of quality and performance. Using Trinseo's 85 percent PP-LGF concentrate, you benefit not only from a reduction of your inventory's complexity or the design freedom it even offers for complex parts with thinner walls. Trinseo provides the opportunity to considerably reduce the costs for automotive lightweight design: Lighter weight is not a trend. It's a necessity.

Learn more about the properties of our HiCon ENLITE™ PP-LGF grade and its benefits for your business. Please reach out to Jerry Mazur, Account Executive, via e-mail to