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MAGNUM™ 3416SC enables unpainted interior applications for Tata Tiago

Instrument panel MAGNUM™ 3416SC Tata Tiago

The next step of success in a good business relationship

We were able to supply significant enhancements to various applications for the instrument panel and the door panel in the new Tata Tiago, a best-selling model of our partner Tata Motors. MAGNUM™ 3416SC was the material of choice as a result of its high-heat performance and low-gloss appearance.

Instrument panel MAGNUM™ 3416SC Tata Tiago

Since 2011, Trinseo has been able to develop and expand a constructive and successful business partnership with Tata Motors and tier 1 Tata AutoComp Systems. Our collaboration started with ABS MAGNUM™ 3525 for the door handles in the supermini hatchback Tata Indica.

MAGNUM™ is Tata's preferred ABS material due to its low-gloss appearance and easy processability. It offers a wide range of benefits for challenging automotive applications. Manufactured by continuous mass polymerization, MAGNUM™ ABS Resins allow for a low base color, high thermal stability, low moisture pickup, superior lot-to-lot consistency, and a purer polymer due to lower levels of process additives.

Interior Application MAGNUM™ 3416SC Tata Tiago

TS&D support, mold modifications, and paint elimination

For the current Tiago, Tata required an ABS with high-heat performance and low-gloss appearance for numerous IP and door panel parts: bezel and steering column shroud, top and bottom of front and rear door handle, switch and cap switch bezels. Trinseo Account Manager Santosh Rathod called in our European TS&D specialists for consulting. Collaborating with the client, Santosh and his colleagues recommended that our injection molding grade MAGNUM™ 3416SC would meet the requirements of our partners.

In addition to its high-heat and low-gloss performance, the excellent processability was one of the vital properties of the material. A relevant advantage for the IP and door panel applications was the combination of the low gloss of MAGNUM™ 3416SC with a modified tool texture. A special mold cavity finish allowed for an aesthetic matt finish and the elimination of the painting step in manufacturing the door panel applications – resulting in lighter and cost-effective parts. For the steering wheel shroud elements, the molds were also modified to enable an unpainted application with high-quality appearance. Trinseo's initial support – early on in the project's qualification phase – help Tata to achieve smooth implementation of the material and cost-effective development and production timing.

Interior Application MAGNUM™ 3416SC Tata Tiago

"The Tata Tiago, the Indian car manufacturer's latest hatchback, is based on a completely new design philosophy never seen before at Tata Motors," Santosh explains."We are very proud that Trinseo could support Tata's success and strengthen the good business relationship providing MAGNUM™ 3416SC and our technological expertise."

Santosh Rathod is accessible via email to in case you are interested in more details about the benefits of MAGNUM™ 3416SC, our MAGNUM™ ABS Resins, or other solutions from our automotive products portfolio.

Download the MAGNUM™ 3416 SC Technical Data Sheet clicking the link below.