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MAGNUM™ 3416 SC saves privacy and part costs for VW

VW Window blinds MAGNUM™ 3416SC

The reference high-heat ABS improved a camper benchmark

Launched in summer 2015, the Volkswagen T6 California added another chapter to the 66-year-old success story of the car manufacturer's benchmarking camper vehicles. Like other premium OEMs, Volkswagen constantly needs to improve the quality of its vehicles' interiors while meeting requirements of quality enhancement and cost reduction. This is especially valid for a rolling one-room apartment that offers travelers the intimacy of a home even at remote places.

Fabian Ramos-Mejia, Trinseo Distribution Sales Manager E.M.E.A., and the sales team of our distributor Resinex supported German supplier Salamander Technische Kunststoffprofile in the production of the T6 window blinds for Volkswagen. Founded in 1958, the tier 1 supplier is traditionally well renowned for extrusion products of high precision and quality. Together we were able to replace a more expensive PC/ABS compound with MAGNUM™ 3416 SC, the reference for automotive high-heat ABS – more cost effective with even better processing properties and higher aesthetic than the previously used material.

VW Window blinds MAGNUM™ 3416SC

Innovative use of MAGNUM™ 3416 SC

Salamander was investigating a solution for an unusual automotive interior application, the T6 sun blinds, that ensure occupants intimacy and require perfect function, durability, and aesthetic. The supplier wanted to replace the formerly processed PC/ABS compound with a lower priced material with better technical performance. Although MAGNUM™ 3416 SC is usually not used for co-extrusion processing, Salamander was open for an innovative usage of our material. As a global market leader for high-heat ABS since 1987, we started the T6 collaboration in 2014 with a planned launch date of the camper vehicle in July 2015.

Commonly an injection molding grade, MAGNUM™ 3416 SC ABS delivers high heat and impact resistance, a low gloss, and an enhanced flow. As a result of the mass polymerization manufacturing, the ABS grade guarantees properties such as a high lot-to-lot consistency for good processing, less residuals for high purity enabling low emissions (VOC), and it allows for easier coloring offering cost saving opportunities.

High aesthetics and durability at reduced costs

MAGNUM™ 3416 SC is approved at all major OEMs and fulfills Volkswagen’s specifications VAG VW­TL 527 A and VAG VW­TL 527 B. Our high-heat ABS technically performed perfect in Salamander’s co-extrusion and TPE processing, even at lower cost than the competitive PC/ABS compound. It is renowned for product stability during processing and allows for optimal machine parameters setting from the start.

Some other decisive points for the use of MAGNUM™ 3416 SC in the T6 window blinds project are further worth to mention. The easier self-coloring due to its white color enables Salamander to reduce cost by using less pigments (saving logistic costs, too). Its low gloss is the cause for a premium and more mat look. The materials high scratch and mar resistance provides the aesthetic part durability that is needed for an interior application such as the (sometimes highly strained) window blinds of a camper vehicle legend.

VW Window blinds MAGNUM™ 3416SC

Our Distribution Sales Manager, Fabian Ramos-Mejia, or Helga Ensinger, Regional Marketing Manager, Resinex Germany GmbH, will be pleased if you would like to know more about our materials or this case.

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