Next generation ENLITE™ PP LGF for aesthetic surfaces

Trinseo ENLITE™ PP LGF Plaque

Lighter weight is not a trend. It’s a necessity.

Trinseo’s long glass fiber reinforced structural polymers ENLITE™ PP LGF allow for up to 20% savings in part weight and offer significant cost-saving potential when used as a metal alternative.

Wherever stiffness, dimensional stability, and thermal resistance are important, the system-based approach of the ENLITE™ Structural Polymers product family provides maximum flexibility.

Our advanced ENLITE™ PP LGF solutions are ideal for specific areas where process constraints are limiting. They can replace aluminum or steel and enable lightweight semi-structural parts – also with unpainted Class A surfaces where this is a requirement.

Trinseo ENLITE™ PP LGF Portfolio

Figure 1: ENLITE™ PP LGF solutions

Trinseo supports OEMs and their suppliers with sustainable performance solutions to meet the needs of megatrends such as electrification, assisted and autonomous driving, car sharing interiors, and – most critically – reduction of fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, weight reduction is an essential attribute for current and future automotive design.

Processing advantages and better dimensional stability

When compared to short glass fiber reinforced PP, ENLITE™ PP LGF provides enhanced creep performance for better dimensional stability. It offers a robust, affordable solution for lightweight semi-structural applications. Tests showed that the loose fiber formation is equally low for 40% and 60% LGF concentrates.

The ENLITE™ PP LGF system allows for a high degree of manufacturing flexibility. PP and PP LGF concentrates can be blended directly at the injection machine to achieve the blend ratio required for your application.

Advanced PP dilution resins offer high flow and low VOC emissions

Our new dilution PP for ENLITE™ PP LGF provides very easy flow for thin wall design resulting in lighter part weight. In addition, it meets customers’ key requirements for low VOC emissions and odor. (see figures in below visual)

ENLITE™ PP LGF — Advanced dilution PP for thin walls

Figure 2: Advanced dilution PP particularly benefitting thin wall design for lighter part weight

ENLITE™ PP LGF Low VOC Performance

Figure 3: Low VOC emissions for increased air quality in car interiors

New generation ENLITE™ PP LGF for aesthetic surfaces

In a comparison with first generation LGF40, the new generation of LGF40 and LGF60 solutions offer superior aesthetics along with improved physical properties, better flow, and lower emissions.

Technical specs of ENLITE™ PP LGF and Next Generation ENLITE™ PP LGF

Figure 4: Selected specifications of first and next ENLITE™ PP LGF generations in comparison

OEMs and their suppliers can significantly benefit from our next generation ENLITE™ 1404 NA and ENLITE™ 1604 NA + 33.3% LGF7600. ENLITE™ 1404 NA is available as ready-to-use pellets with 40 percent glass content – ideal for use cases where blending is out of scope. ENLITE™ 1604 NA can be customized using different PP dilution resins offering high application flexibility – an optimal solution for customers manufacturing multiple applications that require customization.

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