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PULSE™ GX70 enhances Audi seat belt sliders at reduced costs

Audi seat belt sliders PULSE™ GX70

Collaboration based on innovation and trust

Automotive business depends on innovations. And the best way to drive innovation is to work together as a team and share experiences, needs and expertise. That is why we at Trinseo appreciate a close collaboration with our customers.

With Audi, for example, Trinseo has had a close working relationship for a long time. The German car manufacturer reported repeatedly that Trinseo has the best UV stable ABS resins for interior automotive applications. Based on that positive feedback, Trinseo Color Development Specialist Eric Goethals and Development Leader Norwin van Riel developed the UVB PV1303 technology for our PULSE™  PC/ABS series enabling improved UV resistance for parts without lacquering.

Audi seat belt sliders PULSE™ GX70

The benefits of our PC/ABS PULSE™ GX70

With the support of Thomas Heck and Claus Hermans, we continued the co-development with Audi Research Ingolstadt, focusing on:

•    weight reduction
•    cost reduction
•    improved crash stability and dimensional stability of the part

Our PULSE GX™ series is known for the aforementioned benefits, and additionally provides low gloss under 2 % with fine grains like K31 and K5H. In order to demonstrate the advantages of PULSE™ GX50 and the UVB PV1303 technology we passed UV-testing and real part performance tests using dark and light Audi colors, such as Soul and Pashminabeige. Also, PV1303 5 cycles UV were met.

Audi seat belt sliders PULSE™ GX70

Cost reduction for Audi with PULSE™ GX70

The tests led to positive results: The rear belt slider parts in Audi Q5 that originally were designed by ASA-PA provided now the opportunity for the Trinseo product. PULSE™ GX70 PC/ABS allowed Audi to save costs for the material while achieving better dimensional stability, reduced warpage and an optimized moisture take up, which enhances the performance of the part during crash tests. At the same time, the use of the UVB PV1303 technology allows for an unlacquered application. PULSE™ GX70 is approved against OEM specification TL 52231 B.

As the tier supplier for the Audi Q5 is based in Germany, but the material will be produced in the US and the car will be manufactured in Mexico, global access to the product was another key asset. With the PULSE™ GX family, Audi has a material on hand, that is globally available and locally manufactured.

After several tests and optimization processes, the part was finally approved for mass production.

Audi seat belt sliders PULSE™ GX70

If you want to find out more about the PULSE™ GX series or Trinseo’s UVB PV1303 technology, do not hesitate to contact our experts:

Eric Goethals, Color Development Expert

Norwin van Riel, Development Leader