Case Studies

PULSE™ GX50 BMWi3 case study

High-quality unpainted surfaces

The interior of the BMWi3 is a prime example for the performance of unpainted parts in cars. As PC/ABS blend, Trinseo’s PULSE™ GX50 delivers a matte high quality look to the interior of the BMWi3.

PULSE™ GX50’s material properties (described in the article) lead to significant overall weight reduction. Our PC/ABS blend also stands out through high heat resistance and ductility in low temperatures. Through the optimized PC-component, PULSE™ GX50 proved to be the best choice for the BMW's interior requirements. We have managed to develop a new blend that showcases the potential of PC+ABS blends in different temperatures.

Download the full article here. Please note that this article is in German. 

For more information on unpainted applications in the BMWi3 contact Hartmut Brombach.

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