PULSE™ GX70 approved against BMW specifications

BMW x1 D-pillar trim PULSE™ GX70

5.20 Kilograms of PULSE™ GX70 per BMW X1

We are pleased to confirm that our PC/ABS PULSE™ GX70 EU is tested and approved against BMW specifications, according to BMW GS93016 and the material will be listed in the next edition.

The following applications have been developed with PC/ABS PULSE™ GX70 and are utilized in serial production:

• Belt Fixture, roof liner
• Belt Cover, roof liner
• B-pillar, lower trim
• B-pillar, upper trim
• C- and D-pillar, trim
• Trunk sill cover

In total, the new BMW X1 features 5.20 Kilograms of PULSE™ GX70!

This latest approval upholds our longstanding collaboration with BMW Group. To find out, what other Trinseo products are enhancing BMW Group cars, please find attached a full list of Trinseo Product Approvals.

Download the list of Trinseo Product Approvals at BMW Group