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PULSE™ GX70 enhances 13 interior parts of the BMW X1

Interior part of the BMW X1

Close partnership with KDK Automotive

KDK Automotive is the supplier for the latest model of the BMW X1. Specialized in functional modules, unpainted and decorative trim, KDK was nominated to develop an interior trim package for the X1, including C- and D-pillar trim, trunk sill, seat belt frame and cover as well as trunk loading cover. In 2012, KDK asked Trinseo to propose suitable products for overall thirteen parts per vehicle.

Based on the requirements by carmaker BMW, Trinseo contributed material characteristics data for a simulation study at KDK; various products were part of the CAE study, these included PULSE™ GX50 and  PULSE™ GX70.

Interior Part BMW x1 PULSE™ GX70

The last quarter of 2012 and the following first quarter of 2013 were characterized by endeavors to gain the nomination. By collaborating very closely with KDK and running various loops of process- and mold-flow simulations, the interior component-package featuring our PC/ABS PULSE™ GX70 finally convinced all involved partners. PULSE™ GX70 is approved against OEM specification GS 93016 (EU). 

PULSE™ GX70 covers the whole package

The PULSE™ GX family distinguishes itself with strong technical features, such as low density, low emissions (VOC), and high impact strength. PULSE™ GX70 Engineering Resin offers an evenly distributed, low-gloss appearance and is suitable for premium unpainted surfaces. Its’ key properties for the case at hand were:
•    High heat resistance
•    Lower manufacturing cost
•    Best crash impact performance over the required temperature range

Altogether, PULSE™ GX70 fulfilled the requirement of the whole thirteen-component-package.

Interior Part BMW x1 PULSE™ GX70

TS&D support from the very beginning

Immediately after the nomination, Trinseo proceed to close partnership with KDK for the tool engineering as well as mold flow and HDT analysis studies for the C- and D-pillar trim and the trunk sill. The BMW production assembly conditions  for the C- and D-pillar were especially challenging in terms of thermal dimensional stability and new textile grain reproduction.

During the whole process of tool development and optimization, process simulation and color matching, as well as in mold trials, KDK and Trinseo proved to be close partners with focused trustful cooperation. We offered TS&D support from the early concept stages to the start of production. The efforts turned out to be profitable for both KDK and Trinseo and may lead to future collaborations, too.

Interior Part BMW x1 PULSE™ GX70

If you want to learn about this case or our PULSE™ product family, please reach out to Alessandro Salato and Hartmut Brombach.

Alessandro Salato

Hartmut Brombach