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Renault reduces carbon emissions with mono-polymer solutions from Trinseo

Pictogram of 15% Weight reduction

Long-term collaboration for successful weight reduction

Dr. Gérard Liraut, Expert Leader on Polymers, DETC/Renault and Anis Tebib, Marketing Manager Automotive, Trinseo, revealed relevant details about the mono-material PP liftgate development for the Clio and Espace in their joint presentation at VDI International Conference 2016 in Mannheim, Germany.

In a video interview in 2015, Dr. Liraut gave us a general overview of Renault's lightweight strategy and the important part that structural polymers play in Renault's way towards weight reduction and less carbon dioxide emissions. Following the video interview, he invited Anis, to jointly conduct a presentation at the top-class international congress on plastics in automotive engineering.

In the automotive industry lightweighting improves fuel economy and reduces carbon emissions. Renault has identified overall weight reduction as one of the primary ways to meet new and emerging global emissions and fuel economy standards.

Against this background Dr. Liraut and Anis Tebib presented the collaborative approach of Renault and Trinseo developing the liftgate for the Renault Clio (2012) and the new Renault Espace. The target was to achieve a 15 to 20% weight and cost reduction potential using PP LGF instead of metal solutions.

Image of Core challenges for full PP-based liftgate solutions

Material science, part design, tool and process design

Reviewing their presentation, you will learn how Renault and Trinseo meet the high requirements of long-term durability and optimal fit and finish to guarantee the perfect fit in the assembly of both the structural part and the inner skin and also the liftgate component into the vehicle's Body in White.

The presentation includes many details on the challenges and significant advantages of long-glass-fiber-reinforced PP, such as Trinseo's ENLITE™ Structural Polymers. The slides also give insights into the development of the liftgates including the processing phase with specific fine-tuning of the selected materials, tools, and processes.

On the road ahead for collaborative lightweight solutions

Summarizing the results of the liftgate collaboration, Dr. Liraut concluded that the presented material selection and design methodologies from this project are not only limited to the Renault Espace. He confirmed that Renault would continue to collaborate with Trinseo and apply this technology also to the forthcoming Megane, Talisman, and other planned models of the French car manufacturer.

Renault Liftgate ENLITE™

Feel free to download the slideshow and the narrating script of the presentation.  Read how Renault and Trinseo achieved to significantly reduce carbon emissions by innovative lightweight design.

 If you need further information reach out to Anis Tebib,

Download the slideshow or the script as PDF.