Sonos faces the next era of the music industry

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Filling every home with music

Sonos started producing smart speaker systems when a stable WiFi covering was not a given in many households.

Since then, the rise of music streaming services had an effect on the music industry that has no peer. It drastically changed the way people buy, consume and listen to music. But also when and how we listen to it has changed. Our music collection used to be bound to physical copies and entertainment centers. But now, we can enjoy our playlists on every device with an internet connection and listen to our favorites within seconds. There is basically no need to wait until a high-quality set of speakers or headphones is available. So, convenience took over quality.

Sonos now uses this phenomenon to differentiate and claims to ring in the evolution of a brilliant sound. As of today, ten years after Sonos came up with the idea of WiFi-connected and app-controlled sound systems, music and internet goes hand in hand.

A decade back, Sonos was ahead of the trends. One business disruption later, Sonos may offer exactly what the market is asking for and fulfill it’s brand promise by filling every home with music.