To drive or to be driven? Today’s youth about self-driving cars

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Is today’s youth confident of self-driving cars?

Sometimes people are not keen on changes – especially those regarding technological revolutions, that take control out of human hands and passing it on to machines. The topic of self-driving cars makes no exception.

As driving enthusiasts may disregard this new technology as unnecessary, others, younger people in specific, may find the security of self-driven cars an interesting future possibility and technological advancement.

Nielsen surveys youth’s interest in self-driving cars.

The Nielsen ‘Insights’ report tries to get to the bottom of this controversial subject. The research explores different age groups between the years of 8-18, and their interest in self-driving vehicles. Research conducted states that the younger the youth, the higher the preference for a self-driving car. Concerning the producers of such, the interest among all surveyed U.S. youth is directed towards traditional car-makers.

(Image source: Michael Shick/wikimedia)