VELVEX™ 5250 ESU approved against Audi specifications

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Unique properties meet even tougher requirements

November 2016, an extensive testing story with no mercy to the material came to a successful end. Extreme regions like the Kalahari Desert in South Africa or a challenging area in Arizona, USA, provided the geographical and meteorological environment for Audi's outdoor tests with VELVEX™ 5250 ESU. These trials were part of the Audi approval process for our reinforced elastomer/PP compound that is successfully approved according to the Audi specifications TL 52705-A.

VELVEX™ 5250 ESU is renowned for its unique property balance of good stiffness, impact and high heat resistance in combination with a pleasant soft touch, low CLTE and easy processing. It provides an outstanding scratch and mar resistance and enables a very uniform low gloss.

Approved and out for manufacturing

The target application for our material were the door pockets of the current AUDI A3 convertible platform. The German Tier 1 and OEM chose VELVEX™ 5250 ESU to ran trials with production tools under real production conditions for vehicle programs such as the A3 convertible, the current Q7, and the current A6/A7.

The product was tested within the Audi laboratories with respect to scratch/mar gloss plates and various other technical parameters defined by our customer. Also subjective parameters like haptics played a major role in this project.

Additionally, Audi exposed the material to the toughest climate conditions possible. Parts manufactured with VELVEX™ 5250 ESU were tested in challenging outdoor environments throughout the world for natural weathering trials lasting more than one year.

After testing the first formulation in the Kalahari desert, deposits appeared on the test parts. We changed the formulation based on the test results and produced new test plaques for further trials. Finally, both lab and outdoor tests led to positive results and the material is now released against our partner's specifications.

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