When plastics save lives

Ideas: When plastics save lives

The unusual story of the Odón Device

Modern medicine appears as a highly advanced science. But when it comes to child delivery, there has not been an improvement in literary centuries. Especially during obstructed labor, midwives either rely on an obstetric forceps or a ventouse, in severe circumstances a Caesarian section has to be performed. All of these practices are hundreds of years old and dangerous to mother and child – particularly in situations where there are no doctors or in regions with low resources.

Jorge Odón has never delivered a baby in his life nor has he any experience as a doctor. Actually, he is a car maker living in Argentina. But due to a simple idea that came to him in his sleep, he developed a device, that might revolutionize the field of risky delivery. And the key is plastics!

He developed a gadget, that today bears his name. The Odón Device is made of a plastic sleeve and an inflatable chamber, that needs nothing but air to support the mother during a complicated birth. Since the plastic device is cost efficient, easy to apply and bears basically no risk of injury it is especially suitable for untrained people or hospitals in emerging nations. Therefore, Jorge Odón has teamed up with the World Health Organization to test and fabricate the device.

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