Wing morphing – the next big thing in aviation?

Wing morphing being filmed by a camera

Aviation Partners Inc. develop “flexfoil” wings

Thanks to a combination of high strength, heat resistance, and low weight, composites are particularly useful in the aerospace industry. In partnership with FlexSys, Aviation Partners Inc. (API) utilized a composite material to develop their "flexfoil" wings, which are incredibly flexible while retaining their structural strength.

Wing morphing mid-flight will provide tremendous benefits, such as fuel efficiency, roll control, an optimized lift and more.  The morph wings could adapt to every stage of the flight, by shaping the wing for example into a flat surface during take-off or configure it during the flight for maximum fuel-efficiency.

Unlike current aircraft wings, flexfoil does not rely on a complicated mechanical system. All parts of the structure bend to contribute to the wing morphing.

In addition to API and FlexSys, also NASA is working on adaptive wings – we can see a clear trend for the aviation branch here, that might spread to automotive as well.

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