Best for exterior applications – PULSE™ XT9215

Inside Pages of Kunststoffe international 03/2017

"Kunststoffe International" highlights our PULSE™ XT9215

Ten times a year German technical magazine "Kunststoffe/Kunststoffe International" provides specialist information on technical and industry trends. It is particularly renowned for featuring exclusive insider reports written by and for experts in the global performing plastics business.

In "Kunststoffe" issue 03/2017 the publisher features an article by Norwin van Riel, our Development Leader in Terneuzen, The Netherlands, providing relevant insights and data about Trinseo's mineral fiber-reinforced PC/ABS PULSE™ XT9215 and the properties and benefits of the PULSE™XT-series for lightweight, cost-efficiently produced exterior parts.

Opel roof rails made with PULSE™ XT9125

A solution for lightweight, economically produced exterior applications

One exemplary case was our collaboration with tier 1 SRG and Opel for the roof rails of the current Opel Astra Sports Tourer. The article offers details about mineral fiber as a suitable filler, the low density offered by the material, its performance vs. competitive materials, and the excellent surface quality PULSE™ XT9215 and the PULSE™ XT-series offer. It is "a springboard for the development of a range of tailored PC/ABS formulations" as Norwin writes. "The mineral fiber-reinforced PC/ABS formulations have shown that they are a technically suitable, cost-efficient alternative to, for example, metal or PC/PET materials in the exterior automotive applications field."    

Read the whole article with the technical details and the benefits of our PULSE™ XT-series in Norwin's article "Best for exterior applications" clicking on the PDF-download link below.

Download the English and/or the German version of the article below: