Customized TPE Solutions and EVA-based compounds for automotive applications

Cover of the brochure Customized TPE Solutions for automotive

Customized solutions for flexible automotive applications

We like to introduce our customized TPE Solutions and EVA-based compounds for automotive applications.

Global car manufacturers and suppliers trust our broad variety of innovative rigid and soft polymers for automotive applications, particularly for a functional and aesthetic interior experience.

Inside Pages of the Customized TPE solutions and EVA-based compounds for automotive industry

You are invited to learn more about our thermosets and TPE solutions for interior and exterior automotive applications.

You can browse the digital version of our brochure or easily download the PDF and explore the features and benefits of Trinseo's soft-touch plastics for vehicles' interior, exterior, chassis, and under the hood applications.

  • MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS Compounds – high performance soft touch
  • APIGO™ TPO Compounds – lightness, elasticity, and superior at low temperatures 
  • TIVILON™ TPV Compounds – excellent compression set
  • APILON™ 52 TPU Polymers and Compounds – excellent mechanical properties, chemical and abrasion resistance
  • APIZERO™ EVA-based Compounds – a light and versatile alternative to other foamed solutions