Case Studies

Dacia Duster roof rail trims made from MAGNUM™ 3416SC

MAGNUM™ 3416SC roof rail trim

Dacia choose MAGNUM™ 3416SC for a new exterior look 

We are proud that MAGNUM™ 3416SC was the material of choice for the roof rail trims on the new Dacia Duster, particularly because our high-heat ABS Resin was also used for another exterior application. 

The first generation Dacia Duster (branded as the Renault Duster outside of Europe) was a best-selling model worldwide and Dacia – a Renault company – gave its Duster a facelift in October 2017. The exterior received a few major changes in the front, with a new chrome grille and redesigned headlights, new 16-inch wheels, and modest modifications in the rear plus restyled roof bars. The roof bars are now a aluminum part combined with a plastic holder, the holder made of our high-heat ABS.

MAGNUM™ 3416 is suitable for interior and exterior applications and it won over the Romanian OEM because it delivered the properties Dacia was looking for with additional benefits. The material’s mass polymerization manufacturing properties include a high lot-to-lot consistency for good processing, fewer residuals for high purity, thus enabling low emissions (VOC), and easier coloring, thereby offering cost-saving opportunities.

Alexandru Popa from Resinex Romania supported the French supplier Novares in the use of our material. He said about this successful collaboration: “With the help of Novares and the expertise provided by Resinex and Trinseo, we managed to break new ground and conquer new fields [exterior applications] with the outstanding mass-production ABS provided by Trinseo. It’s a benchmark for interior applications due to its unique properties.”

Dacia MAGNUM™ 3416SC roof rail trim

Successful Long-term partnership

Trinseo and Resinex have been working together for many years and we have collaborated with our main European distributor on many occasions, all of which proved to be successful for both parties. During this project we had the opportunity to work with Novares. The French supplier Novares operating around the world, works for well-known OEMs including BMW, Renault, PSA and VW. 

Novares was very familiar with Trinseo as a producer and supplier of high-quality materials and as having excellent customer service. With the support of Trinseo Distribution Sales Manager Fabian Ramos-Mejia and Alexandru Popa from Resinex Romania, Novares and Dacia chose our MAGNUM™ 3416SC for the roof rail trims of the new Duster SUV. 

Dacia proved highly satisfied with the performance and the end-uses of our MAGNUM™ 3416SC. Based on this successful collaboration between Resinex, the Novares Group and Trinseo, our business relationship with the two companies has been considerably strengthened. 

If you want to know more about this case or the MAGNUM™ ABS Resins, please feel free to contact Fabian Ramos-Mejia, Distribution Sales Manager E.M.E.A..