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Ford Fusion door trims: MAGNUM™ 3325MT beats the competition

MAGNUM™ 3325MT for Ford Fusion door trim header

Best color consistency and assembly stability

Tier 1 supplier International Automotive Components Group (IAC) was looking for an ABS for the Ford Fusion (SOP in late 2012) that could provide excellent color consistency and assembly stability for the OEM. The material had to be suitable for the upper and lower trim of all four doors, which are either covered with leather or foam-backed vinyl. Since some pieces were currently molded in the colors black, beige and grey, the customer decided to use MAGNUM™ 3325MT.

MAGNUM™ 3325MT for Ford Fusion door trim 1

The ABS from the MAGNUM™ product family offers a highly consistent color from lot to lot. It also provides the required dimensional stability as well as high impact performance. IAC and Ford were seeking an overall improvement in car quality. They therefore tested MAGNUM™ 3325MT for the Ford Fusion’s doors against to competitive products.

MAGNUM™ 3325MT for Ford Fusion door trim 2

Our premium material outperformed the competition in impact and overall assembly stability as well as in color consistency. MAGNUM™ 3325MT is approved against numerous Ford specifications, e.g. ESB-M4D483-A2, WSS-M4D483-C1, WSKM4D927- A, WSS-M4D827-C1.

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