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GM and IAC rely on MAGNUM™ 3325MT for center seat console

MAGNUM™ 3325MT for GM center seat console

Seat module with high-quality appearance

Together with tier 1 supplier IAC, we developed a customized solution for the center seat of the new General Motors truck and SUV platform. MAGNUM™ 3325MT met the requirements in matters of lot-to-lot consistency and appearance.

International Automotive Components (IAC) is the only global tier 1 supplier with a singular focus on interior applications. IAC produces multiple interior parts and assemblies for GM full-size pickup trucks and SUVs, the largest volume vehicle platform in the world. One example of an interior assembly utilized in GM pickup trucks is the center seat module, which integrates storage compartments, cup-holders, and armrest features.

MAGNUM™ 3325MT for GM center seat module 2

MAGNUM™ 3325MT ABS as the primary material for the module's ABS parts

IAC wanted to achieve high-quality appearance and at the same time meet GM’s stringent performance requirements for durability and dimensional stability. IAC produces twelve ABS components for the center seat assembly, most of which are molded-in-color (not painted) blended with color concentrates at the molding machine. They require a consistent, natural-color ABS resin with excellent processability to continuously achieve high-quality part color match, low-gloss appearance, and dimensional stability. Trinseo’s MAGNUM™ 3325MT natural resin meets all of these requirements lot after lot. IAC therefore chose MAGNUM™ 3325MT ABS as the primary material for the center seat module parts.

MAGNUM™ 3325MT for GM center seat module 3

MAGNUM™ 3325MT ABS provides a high-quality, low-gloss part surface for unpainted interior applications, while ensuring durability with excellent impact- and scratch-resistance. The resin meets the requirements of most OEMs’ ABS medium-heat interior part and material specifications, including GM GMW15572-ABS-T2.

Multiple IAC plant locations in the USA, Canada and Mexico currently use several MAGNUM™ ABS grades in many different OEM vehicle interior part applications. IAC trusts in Trinseo’s proven ability to deliver consistently high- quality material on time, with excellent technical support and customer service, anywhere in the world they need it to produce world-class automotive interior parts and assemblies.

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