Highly concentrated ENLITE™ PP-LGF gets good press

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Spread the word: ENLITE™ PP-LGF sets the benchmark

Lighter weight is not a trend. It's a necessity. – No surprise, the Lightweighting World Magazine features our highly concentrated ENLITE™ PP-LGF in its JAN/FEB 2017 issue, highlighting the cost saving opportunities for processors up to 10 percent enabled by significantly reduced compounding costs.

With our highly concentrated ENLITE™ PP-LGF 1851 we have not only advanced Trinseo’s polymer technologies but also developed the first long glass fiber reinforced concentrate worldwide containing 85 percent glass share. 

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Trinseo's latest structural polypropylene solutions ENLITE™ PP-LGF 1851 and 1852 excel with high flow, good dispersion properties, low emissions/VOC, and outstanding material robustness.

Read the article "Trinseo’s New Structural PP Compounds" in the Lightweighting World Magazine, 2/2017. Just click the link below and find it on page 8.

For further information on the benefits and opportunities of our highly-concentrated ENLITE™ PP-LGF reach out to Jerry Mazur, Account Executive, via email to

Lightweighting World Magazine, JAN/FEB 2017, p. 8