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MAGNUM™ 3416 suits the best for VW Tiguan door liner

MAGNUM™ 3416 for VW Tiguan door liner 1

Trust in the automotive reference high-heat ABS 

Consistently high quality, premium aesthetics and good customer support were the key decision criterions for VW and its tiers Yanfeng and Fremach to choose MAGNUM™ 3416 Standard Black for an interior door application.

MAGNUM™ 3416 for VW Tiguan door liner 1

For the door liners of the current VW Tiguan Volkswagen (SOP 01/2016) cooperated with Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, the global leader in automotive interiors, and Fremach, a European plastics technology specialist. The material of choice was our MAGNUM™ 3416 Standard Black, a material our partners already used for numerous similar applications in other platforms and models such as Passat, Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Touran, and CC. MAGNUM™ 3416 is approved against VW specifications VAG VW TL 527-A and VAG VW TL-527-B.

MAGNUM™ 3416 for VW Tiguan door liner 2

Consistently high material quality for complex requirements

Tier 1 suppliers and OEM needed an ABS of consistently high quality that could meet the complex requirements of interior door applications like less weight and high side impact performance. Noise, vibration, and harshness performance as well as premium aesthetic and the right properties for TPO-covering set the benchmarks our material achieved to meet.

Among others, our partners prefer to process MAGNUM™ 3416 Standard Black as a result of its dimensional stability up to 100°C since the molded part had to be covered with TPO after molding. This requires both a high dimensional stability under heat and high impact strength, properties our reference ABS can provide.

Our Trinseo team for this project is ready to answer your questions on 

MAGNUM™ 3416, Trinseo's product portfolio, and our capabilities: 

Thomas Beberdick, Account Executive

Simon Van Hille, Technical Service and Development

Derk Fleischmann, Application Development Engineer VW