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MAGNUM™ 3416SC and immediate service win Audi Q5 trunk trim

MAGNUM™ 3416SC in Audi Q5 trunk trim

Collaboration extended to Mexico

When Audi decided to build the new Audi Q5 for the first time in a new plant in Mexico, the ramp-up time was set to ten months – two months more than what Trinseo’s Thomas Heck was used to from the German automaker. The SOP for this SUV from the Audi Q family was planned for the third quarter of 2016. Our contact person at Audi was originally based at the German headquarters in Ingolstadt, but was transferred to Mexico to assure the quality and the reputation of the Audi Q5. Nevertheless, they were having problems with the designated ABS material for the Audi Q5 trunk trim. The SOP and ramp-up were approaching fast and the situation for Audi was becoming critical. So our contact person decided to give Thomas Heck a call for help.

MAGNUM™ 3416SC in Audi Q5 trunk trim 2

Immediate support from the Trinseo Color Group

Based on the positive experience Audi had had with MAGNUM™ 3416SC in earlier projects in Europe, and the consistent support from Trinseo, which is highly valued by the German carmaker, our contact person asked Trinseo for an alternative ABS. The material needed to meet the TL527 specification, and as the parts would not be lacquered they needed to meet UV test PV1303 during two cycles. We immediately took action. Trinseo Color Development Expert, Eric Goethals, created and adjusted masterbatches for two colors at Trinseo’s R&D site in Terneuzen, The Netherlands, which were then conveyed to Mexico, where our Technical Service Development engineer, Erasmo Aguilar, went straight into customer trials to ensure support for the local team.

MAGNUM™ 3416SC in Audi Q5 trunk trim 3

The Audi Q5 case highlights Trinseo’s skills as manufacturer of globally available ABS resins and our advantages in customer-focused services. It also underlines Trinseo’s long-term experience in color-matching technology. When Audi gave us the call for help, they considered Trinseo capable of providing rapid and appropriate worldwide support during the running SOP. This expectation was built up over years of successful cooperation with mutual trust.

Learn more about our technical support and MAGNUM™ 3416SC – get in contact with our team for this project:

Eric Goethals, Color Development Expert

Claus Hermans, Technical Service and Development 

Mariana Serna Huerta, Account Manager Mexico

Erasmo Aguilar,Technical Service and Development

Thomas Heck, Application Development Manager Audi