Case Studies

MAGNUM™ 3416SC and technical support for the Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR outer garnish liftgate MAGNUM 3416SC

MAGNUM™ 3416SC powers Toyota's new crossover model 

We are proud that MAGNUM™ 3416SC is part of Toyota's step into the growing crossover segment. The Toyota C-HR (launched 2017) is the first hybrid-powered vehicle built by Toyota Motors Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT) and the first Toyota passenger car to be manufactured based on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) outside of Japan.

The crossover's styling by Toyota’s California design studio is very near to the design of a concept car previously presented. The dynamic look of the C-HR is seen as a novelty compared to Toyota's usual car designs.

Toyota C-HR MAGNUM 3416SC liftgate detail

MAGNUM™ 3416SC ABS Resin is the material of choice for four exterior applications in the new Toyota C-HR such as the B-pillar trims, the upper part of the rooftail spoiler, the outer garnish of the liftgate above the license plate, and the mini spoiler on top of this garnish.

The parts are produced by Farplas in Turkey in a light gray color using a local 3% masterbatch. The upper part of the skeletal rooftail spoiler is injection-molded by TMMT in Sakarya, Turkey, using MAGNUM™ 3416SC and Trinseo's black masterbatch Styrenic CC 2% 39058. Finally, all the parts are painted by TMMT. 

Toyota C-HR outer garnish liftgate MAGNUM 3416SC

Immediate support for painting challenges

MAGNUM™ 3416SC enables the required part design freedom for even complex applications thanks to its high heat stability over a wide range of processing temperatures. Our product offers high quality standards and guarantees best process handling. MAGNUM™ 3416SC is also renowned for its excellent paintability as well as for easy self-coloring properties.

In autumn 2016, Toyota contacted Trinseo for support in performing root cause analysis for problems which occurred with painting the garnish and spoiler applications made from MAGNUM™ 3416SC. While the mini spoilers achieved a reject rate of only 5%, the reported scrap rates for the outer garnish and the rooftail spoiler part were much higher.

TMMT's first suggestion was the butadiene component in the ABS to be the root cause for the problem. In certain areas of the metallic painted part some darker-colored spots close to the injection gate appeared, so called "blooming". In contrast to metallic colors, no defects appeared after painting the same applications with non-metallic standard colors.

Toyota C-HR outer garnish liftgate MAGNUM 3416SC

A Trinseo team of experts immeadiately supported Farplas in Turkey and initiated a testing program during trials, which included the testing of various molding conditions:

  • Molding with high and low injection speed
  • High melt temperature to improve the material flow
  • Different sequential gating to check whether the problem remains in the same location
  • No sequential gating (risk of weld lines) to check whether the problem remains
  • Flaming process prior to painting
  • Annealing process prior to painting

The Trinseo team under technical lead Simon Van Hille managed to propose a robust solution to Farplas that ensured continued production of the garnish and spoiler applications.

If you would like to learn more about this case, the possibilities of MAGNUM™ 3416SC ABS Resin, and our technical services for your applications, contact Simon Van Hille, Technical Service & Develoment via