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MAGNUM™ 3416SC in Amarok sports bar brings Trinseo and VW even closer together

VW Sports bar Amarok MAGNUM™ 3416SC

Volkswagen places trust in Trinseo material and expertise

Our professional relationship with Volkswagen has a long history. We have collaborated with the German OEM on various occasions and are proud that numerous Trinseo grades are approved against VW specifications. For the new VW Amarok's sports bars, we are providing our MAGNUM™ 3416SC ABS as well as implementation support from our Application Engineering Design Center (AEDC). This product is approved against VW specifications TL 527 w/o index, A,B. 

VW Sports bar Amarok MAGNUM™ 3416SC

Volkswagen faced a number of challenges during the development of the sports bar, which rounds off the exterior look of the pickup. Although the Volkswagen’s tier supplier already had experience with Trinseo’s MAGNUM™ ABS, with their first samples of the sports bar design made of MAGNUM™ 3416SC did not fully meet the hydro pulse test and showed signs of deformations after sun simulations. 

The German OEM requested support from our AEDC specialists, who are located in Trinseo’s technology and innovation center in Terneuzen,  Netherlands. Our technical team simulated the hydro pulse test and the sun loading test in order to detect the root causes and find ways to enhance the blow molding part.

Based on the results of the simulations, Trinseo’s experts Derk Fleischmann and Claus Hermans suggested to adjust the blow molding tool and process parameters as well as to improve the part design in order to have the part pass the mandatory tests.

VW Sports bar Amarok MAGNUM™ 3416SC

MAGNUM™ 3416SC provided excellent cost-performance ratio

Gerhard Slik and Berend Hoek, our AEDC specialists in charge of the computer simulations in Terneuzen, also proposed using an alternative material. However, after the successful tests of both alternatives, the customer decided to proceed with Trinseo’s ABS resin MAGNUM™ 3416SC as it was the most effective and economical solution.

Following our suggestions for enhancements to the process parameters, the Amarok’s sports bars made of MAGNUM™ 3416SC finally met Volkswagen's requirements and successfully passed the tests.

Creep simulation – Amarok sports bar Trinseo AEDC

Creep simulation for VW Amarok sports bar

Amarok sports bar modal simulation

Modal simulation for VW Amarok sports bar

Trinseo AEDC FRF stress simulation VW Amarok sportsbar

Frequency Response Function (FRF) stress simulation for VW Amarok sports bar

"Thanks to the successful team work of Volkswagen, tier supplier and Trinseo’s technical specialists, we were able to continue this application with MAGNUM™ 3416SC," emphasizes Derk Fleischmann, Trinseo Application Development Engineer. "The Trinseo typical approach of putting, research, service, and a close customer relationship first, resulted in an efficient solution for the sports bar of the VW Amarok."

VW Sports bar Amarok MAGNUM™ 3416SC

For more information on this case, please contact the involved Trinseo experts: 

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Download the MAGNUM™ 3416SC Technical Data Sheet by clicking on the link below.