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MAGNUM™ 3616 outperformed a dozen competing materials

Audi A8 MAGNUM ABS 3616 door module

Optimum combination of outstanding features

"Audi particularly appreciates MAGNUM™ 3616 because of its optimum combination of impact resistance over a wide range of temperatures, the heat performance, and the very good adhesion properties for class A surface applications like gluing foils and leather." Thomas Heck, our Application Development Manager says. "These features were the main driver for Audi to select MAGNUM™ 3616 for the new Audi premium class sedan's door modules. Our ABS resin outperformed a dozen competing materials in comparative tests."

Audi A8 MAGNUM ABS 3616 door panel

MAGNUM™ 3616 in Audi A8 driver's door

MAGNUM™ 3616 has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the automotive industry for years. OEMs and suppliers know it as a high-performance and reliable product. Our customer Audi enjoyed many positive experiences with both MAGNUM™ 3616 and its sister resin MAGNUM™ 3416SC in earlier projects in Europe. As a result, our high-heat ABS resin was also the material of choice  for the new Audi A8.

Audi A8 MAGNUM ABS 3616 door panel

MAGNUM™ 3616 in Audi A8 rear door

Striving for an improvement in the interior experience

Following increased customer demands, Audi is constantly improving the quality of its vehicles' interiors, aiming for quality enhancement and – ultimately – weight and cost reduction. The doors of a car are an indispensable interior design element that must fulfill a multitude of different requirements. In addition to their importance for attractive aesthetics and haptics, doors carry electrical and electronic equipment as well as  provide acoustic properties and therefore play a vital role in the safety and comfort of the passengers.

Audi A8 MAGNUM ABS 3616 door panel

MAGNUM™ 3616 in Audi A8 driver's door, detail view

The door modules in Audi's A8 sedans are completely covered by materials such as aluminum, foil, leather, or textile, enabling a highly aesthetic, luxurious class A interior. MAGNUM™ 3616 masters this challenge not only with the above-mentioned combination of high impact resistance, high heat performance, and very good adhesion properties. Claus Hermans, Trinseo Technical Service and Development explains: "The purity of MAGNUM™ 3616 ensures good adhesion of the covering materials onto the substrate, and the hydrolytical stability makes sure that this adhesion is retained during the life-time of the car in all weather conditions."

Approved against the VAG-TL527-B specification, MAGNUM™ 3616 additionally offers a uniquely high quality standard and excellent lot-to-lot consistency, facilitating the easy setting of machine parameters and allowing a very good processing control. "With the high heat resistance over a wide range of temperatures, the very good processability of MAGNUM™ 3616 results in design flexibility," Claus Hermans continues. "This also enables thin walling for weight reduction as well as shorter cycle times. Of course, our premium ABS resin offers easy self-coloring and therefore enables less pigments to be used, bringing the benefit of reduced logistics costs."

Audi A8 MAGNUM 3616 door module handle pocket

MAGNUM™ 3616 in Audi A8 rear door, detail view

Global support focused on customer's success

In combination with our products, Trinseo's technical expertise and the consistent customer-focused support from both our team and our distributors form the basis for the mutual trust and the long-term successful cooperation. There is also global evidence of this, such as the recent support for the OEM to produce interior trunk trims for its  Q5 model in Mexico, where Trinseo provided fast and adequate help during the already ongoing SOP. (MAGNUM™ 3416SC, see our link to related content)

Audi A8 MAGNUM ABS 3616 door panel

MAGNUM™ 3616 in Audi A8 door module, detail

Another example of our customer-focused approach for global resources and local production is the opening of a new plant with a MAGNUM™ ABS production line in Zhangjiagang, China (November  2017). MAGNUM™ 3616 will be produced in the same high quality than in our other plants worldwide. This reinforces our capacity to provide a consistently high quality of materials around the world.

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