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New Trinseo compounding facility provides greater flexibility and quality

Trinseo Terneuzen New Plant 2018 Render

A customer-focused step change

We are investing in a new state-of-the art manufacturing facility that will enable a step change in efficient collaboration with partners when it comes to our service and quality levels, as well as future product development. The modernization of our compounding facility will offer a number of benefits for our customers thanks to extended operations flexibility, improved in-line quality control, and greater automation.

Trinseo Terneuzen New Plant 2018 Render skid-mounted

State-of-the-art manufacturing technology

Located near to our existing site and the new R&D center in Terneuzen/NL, the modernized facility will start up in Q4 2018. It will enable optimized product flow and work space through the use of compact and efficient Underwater Granulation (UWG) technology for pelletizing, which provides spherical granules (vs. current cylinder-shaped granules). Spherical granules provide better bulk characteristics and can offer advantages in terms of throughput, automation, pellet quality and applicability to a large variety of thermoplastics.

Under water pelletizing Trinseo new plant

Pelletizing technology: spherical vs. cylinder-shaped granules

Therefore, we will use new skid-based manufacturing technology, a popular method of distributing and storing machinery. The manufacturing assets are mounted in a steel structure (frames, runners or rails), which makes it easier for the entire units to be moved. Other than being attached directly to the concrete floor, the skid-mounted machinery typically sits on the concrete. It has attachment points for hooks, chains, cables, as well as beams to facilitate moving or reconfiguring the equipment according to the specific needs of the operation processes.

Trinseo Terneuzen New Plant 2018 Render skid-mounted

Bart Jongsma is Production Leader in Terneuzen/NL and part of the project team responsible for the development and installation of the new plant. He appreciates the skid-mounted technology: "The system is made up of individual components, each of which are the size of a container. You can place them next to each other, behind each other or on top of each other and thus build one big plant." Bart stresses the main advantages: " The supplier can deliver a lot of elements as prefabricated units, including cabling. This method reduces the construction time of the plant considerably. Normally, a factory requires several levels. With this stackable system, everything can be constructed from ground level up. The fact that our plants are easy to relocate due to the skid-mounted system allows us flexibility in the future."

Trinseo Terneuzen New Plant 2018 Render skid-mounted

"The first tests will take place second quarter 2018," Adrie Overdulve is excited. He joined Bart as a Project Manager for the new plant project. He explains: "The line will not yet be fully connected to the plant's raw materials and finishing products unit then. Although the first line will not be fully connected in May, it can perform on its own as a stand-alone unit. This enables us to validate the asset in three steps. First of all, we check if the line runs smoothly. Next, we run it and check if it actually produces material. Finally, we check if the line can produce our high-quality products the way we expect it. These test runs are not only important for in-house validation, but they are also important for our clients. They have, and rightly so, high demands regarding quality and want to be sure that we will be delivering the same high-quality products with our new plant."

Trinseo Terneuzen New Plant 2018 Render

Reliable high-quality products

We look forward to continuing to supply our customers with the renowned mix of the same high-quality products they rely on today:

  • PULSE™ PC/ABS Resins
  • MAGNUM™ ABS Compounds
  • EMERGE™ Advanced Resins
  • INSPIRE™ Polypropylene Solutions
  • CALIBRE™ PC Compounds
  • VELVEX™ Reinforced Elastomer

There will also be no process changes in color standards, either for our pre-colored resins or our custom formulated masterbatches. The new facility will be operated by the same legal entity and the same highly trained experts of Trinseo Netherlands, who are based in Terneuzen. The same high operating standards and quality processes will be in place, including Trinseo's excellent EH&S standards. Trinseo sales and technical contacts will work with each customer to determine what steps are necessary, in addition to the extensive internal testing program that has been planned.

Other than reliable products, the modernized assets will also enable greater collaboration with our partners on future product development focused on their specific needs in the automotive, consumer electronics, medical device, and electrical industries.