OEM approval leads to new application for MAGNUM™ ABS

BMW 5 door sill sillboard Resinex

MAGNUM™ ABS in the BMW 5 Series

We take pride each time a carmaker decides to approve one of our materials against OEM specifications. On the one hand, this confirms that our products can be used successfully and versatilely in practice, and on the other hand, specification approvals often lead to new interesting application opportunities and innovative processing methods.

This was also the case when Mürdter GmbH from Germany required a TPU adhesion-modified product for manufacturing the sill board of the BMW 5 Series (SOP Oct 2016).

Trinseo MAGNUM™ ABS BMW 5 door sill sillboard Resinex

Trinseo material fulfilled all technical requirements

Initially, Mürdter considered Trinseo's MAGNUM™ ABS as it was listed by BMW, a circumstance that facilitates complex internal qualification processes. The high-impact-resistant ABS is approved by BMW according to GS93016. But of course, our product also fulfilled all the technical requirements: MAGNUM™ ABS is an extrusion/thermoforming resin developed for high-impact and other technical applications. The TPU adhesion-modified ABS combines excellent processability with a stable light base color that is ideal for self-coloring.

MAGNUM™ ABS BMW 5 door sill sillboard Resinex

Mürdter is at home in the subject of components and assemblies made of thermoplastic materials, but building a sill board for BMW was a first. That is why they consulted Resinex for additional material tests. Resinex specializes in the distribution of thermoplastic and rubber raw materials, and is a long-established, valued supplier to BMW; Trinseo and Resinex are also linked by a long-standing successful business relationship.

Resinex provided Mürdter and BMW with technical support by conducting a surface energy test applying MAGNUM™ ABS, which has not been used in an application like this before. The tests led to favorable results in surface tension, and therefore, MAGNUM™ ABS was conformed as material of choice for the BMW 5 Series sill board. 

MAGNUM™ ABS BMW 5 door sill sillboard Resinex