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Open Day at Trinseo's ABS Plant in China

Trinseo's ABS Plant in China

Visit Trinseo's facility in Zhangjiagang, China

Since November 2017, Trinseo has been producing MAGNUM™ ABS Resins in Zhangjiagang, China. MAGNUM™ ABS is a well-known and highly appreciated product among European and North American OEMs. With the opening of the Chinese production facility, Trinseo is bringing the material, which is suitable for a variety of internal and external applications, to another important region of the automotive industry.

As part of this year's Chinaplas in Shanghai, the Trinseo Zhangjiagang ABS plant is celebrating an Open Day on April 26 2018. We will be giving customers a valuable insight into the new site - including lunch, technical presentations, and a factory visit. We will of course also take care of your transportation from Shanghai to the plant and back.

If you are interested in attending our Open Day, please find all the details at the end of this article.

Trinseo ABS Plant in Zhangjiagang


Opening a facility in China was not only an important step in Trinseo's mission to grow even stronger in the future. Local production in all major regions of the automotive industry is also a key factor in Trinseo's success. Therefore, the production of MAGNUM™ ABS in China figures prominently in our business strategy. MAGNUM™ ABS Resins provide remarkable quality and have a long and very successful history in automotive applications due to their outstanding benefits.

Benefits of MAGNUM™ ABS resins for automotive applications, are a.o: 

  • Low VOC/odor
  • High impact
  • High lot-to-lot-consistency
  • Low raw material costs
  • Easy coloring and low coloring costs
  • Low gloss/high gloss 

As MAGNUM™ grades are suitable for a broad range of applications, it is highly appreciated by designers and molders. The ABS resins can be used in exterior parts, such as spoilers, mirror housings, and bumper brackets, as well as interior components like mid/center consoles, instrument panels, door trim panels, and armrests. The MAGNUM™ ABS produced in China of course offers the accustomed premium performance quality. 

If you are visiting Chinaplas in Shanghai and are interested in getting to know the plant and our outstanding MAGNUM™ ABS resins, please get in touch with your Trinseo contact. We would be honored to welcome you to our Open Day in Zhangjiagang.

About the Open Day

Thursday, 26 April, 2018: ZJG ABS Plant Open Day

9:30 am: Gather at Cordis Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao (康得思酒店)  

333 Shen Hong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China

12:30-2:00pm: Lunch: Zhangjiagang Jiyanghu Hotel (暨阳湖大酒店)

2:30-4:00pm: Technical Presentation: Introduction on the plant, ABS products and technology

4:00-4:30pm: Site Tour: Trinseo Zhangjiagang ABS plant

4:30-7:00pm: Transport back to Shanghai Hongqiao Cordis Hotel (康得思酒店). Arrival at approx. 7pm.

For questions and RSVP, please contact: jbao1.trinseo@trinseo.com or your usual Trinseo contact until April 6, 2018.

ABS plant in China