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Our Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report 2018

Sustainability report and Corporate Responsibility Report 2018

 “Purpose, Performance, Progress” 

We have published our new Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility report 2018 entitled “Purpose, Performance, Progress”. The report is significant because it is the first in the company’s history to use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework for public sustainability reporting and was granted status as a GRI-Referenced report. The Global Reporting Initiative is the leading independent organization that provides a common language and framework for public sustainability reporting, allowing more global comparability and better quality of information about company sustainability impacts.

With this milestone achieved, Trinseo has reaffirmed its commitment to transparency, integrity, and accountability in its global reporting.

“At Trinseo, sustainability and corporate responsibility are intrinsic to who we are,” said Walter van het Hof, Global Industry Affairs and Sustainability Leader for Trinseo. “With this report, we begin the adoption of the Global Reporting Initiative framework, and we expect to present a fully compliant GRI report next year.”

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