Case Studies

PULSE™ 2100LG in the new Ford Figo Aspire

PULSE™ 2100LG Device Dock application Ford Figo Aspire

Trinseo convinces Ford India Private Limited

Ford India Private Limited - a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company - was searching for a low-gloss PC/ABS resin for manufacturing a visible part of a device dock in the new Ford Figo Aspire. The car is a compact sedan that has been produced and sold in India as well as in other developing countries since March 2010. 

With the support from Trinseo India, the OEM chose PULSE™ 2100LG for a device dock. The device dock is the central point for media and entertainment in the cockpit of the car allowing the driver to store and charge mobile phones and other electronic devices. It also contains the car’s multimedia equipment, such as satellite navigation system and other entertainment systems. The application is mounted in an easy-to-access position on the dashboard and therefore plays a very prominent part in the car’s interior design. 

PULSE™ 2100LG provides the perfect combination 

Trinseo India’s team approached Ford India’s main tier, First Engineering Plastics India Private Limited, at the right moment in the development process. They recommended PULSE™ 2100LG in combination with a masterbatch, as this resin had already been approved against Ford specification WSB M4D924 B1. 

PULSE™ 2100LG Device Dock application Ford Figo Aspire

At first, Ford India insisted on using pre-colored material, but Trinseo’s Ajay Kumar, the Technical Sales Engineer in charge, supported by Trinseo Account Manager Santosh Rathod and TS&D specialist Mieke Vanhoof, convinced the OEM to use a natural and masterbatch solution. The consistent base color quality of PULSE™ 2100LG was ultimately the decisive factor. The lower base color of our PC/ABS resin enables a more efficient coloring at less pigment cost. This advantage had a positive effect on the overall processing costs for Ford India without losing the quality look of this low-gloss application.  

PULSE™ 2100LG Device Dock  Ford Figo Aspire

Besides its low-gloss appearance, the PC/ABS resin provided the global OEM with further advantages like low temperature ductility, superior processability and lot to lot consistency, and good chemical resistance. PULSE™ 2100LG is best suited for interior applications such as mid floor consoles, instrument panel components, door panel trim, pillars, storage, load floors and glove box. 

Ajay Kumar is delighted about this accomplishment at Ford India: “Our low-gloss PULSE™ 2100LG fulfilled the customer's expectations and we are proud that we achieved this great success. We demonstrated our expertise to one of the most important OEMs in the world and are confident that this achievement will offer further new opportunities.” 

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