Case Studies

PULSE™ GX70 enhances seating panels with low gloss and low odor

Jaguar PULSE GX70 Trinseo Seat back panels

Premium interior experience requires high performance

Nowadays, seating panels are used in most premium vehicles to protect the leather seat covers and increase passenger comfort. Seat back panels are among the larger interior parts in cars and require not only high expertise in part and tool design to achieve a high-quality surface. They also place special demands on the plastics used. If they are left unpainted and visible, it is a great challenge to achieve a uniform, high-quality appearance with low gloss, especially in darker colors such as black, gray, etc.

Jaguar PULSE GX70 Trinseo Seat back panels

In the past, the British premium OEM has traditionally used a competitive low gloss PC/ABS to manufacture that provided the required toughness and heat resistance. This material was only sufficient for painted or covered applications. The car manufacurer wanted to produce lightweight and cost-effective seat panels without an additional step of painting or covering but nevertheless offering premium aesthetics.

Jaguar PULSE GX70 Trinseo Seat back panels rear side detail

The previously used competitive material did not provide the sufficient low gloss level (gloss data from BYK: 5@60°) required for unpainted/uncovered surfaces. Additionally, the gloss also seemed to be uneven on the final application. The OEM was not satisfied with the competitive material and therefore started to work with our PULSE™ GX70 relying on this well renowned material's good quality. Initiated by our distributor, the tier 2 Eaton (molding) and tier 1 Lear Corporation (assembly) successfully used our PULSE™ GX70 for a seat panel project of the car manufacturer in Europe, which will go on. Subsequently, they introduced it to the Asian region for the OEM's compact executive car platform in China where tier 2 Shanghai YanXin Auto Seating Parts is molding the parts that Lear Corporation (tier 1) is assembling.

PULSE™ GX70 ensures long-term customer commitment

The applications manufactured with PULSE™ GX70 achieve a uniform low gloss level (gloss data tested by BYK: 2.2@60°), this applies to surface areas both near as well as far from the injection gates. Of course, PULSE™ GX70 also meets the requirements for toughness and heat resistance.

Jaguar PULSE GX70 Trinseo Seat back panels

Samuel Fei, Trinseo Account Manager, explains: "One of the decisive factors for these outstanding properties of the PULSE™ GX70 PC/ABS resin is the high quality of the ABS content. Starting November 2017, we produce this premium ABS resins also at our facility in Zhangjiagang using our proprietary mass polymerization technology."

This technology ensures that the material properties and the color of the ABS are extremely consistent from lot to lot and in the after-run. Therefore, customers benefit from PULSE™ GX70 as a perfect, low-gloss material solution, especially for unpainted automotive applications.

Jaguar PULSE GX70 Trinseo Seat back panels rear side detail

Samuel is proud: "PULSE™ GX70™ will be the material of choice for the seat panels of all upcoming vehicles from the British premium OEM's compact executive car platform upcoming in China. We are very pleased that our material is the perfect solution for our customer."

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