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PULSE™ XT70 powers new luxury mid-size crossover SUV

SUV PULSE XT70 exterior trim

Consistent high product quality and great collaboration beat the competition

Trinseo's exterior PC/ABS grade  PULSE™ XT70 is part of a British premium OEM's mid-size crossover SUV that is refined for every driving occasion and for various terrains. The OEM used unique sustainable materials and advanced engineering to continue its long tradition of successful car-making.

SUV PULSE XT70 exterior ingots

In 2015 Justin Anstey, Resinex Account Manager visited tier 1 supplier WHS Plastics. At that moment in time WHS was looking for a solution to produce the panels, mounted on the hood of the SUV. Our distribution partner could support WHS: "Different from the previously used PC/ABS grade, the substitute material failed on the adhesion force test and showed so-called fish eyes and blisters", Anstey reported. "Facing the issues with paint adhesion on the vehicle's panels produced with the competitor's substrate, we suggested to try out Trinseo's PC/ABS exterior grade PULSE™ XT70."  This material is widely used for exterior applications such as spoilers, side mirrors, grills, and exterior trims. Trinseo and distributor Resinex UK collaborated for material solutions with WHS and Electron Technical Solutions (ETS) before. “The tiers accepted the suggestion and we delivered two test lots to WHS/ETS for validation (including the paint steps) as well as for full testing at the OEM.”

Apart from providing a solution for the substrate, Trinseo also collaborated with the paint supplier Fujichem Sonneborn (FCS) . They played another important role in the optimization of the part. 

After a series of tests and successful material optimization the OEM validated PULSE™ XT70 and currently produces three fins and air duct grilles for the new mid-size crossover SUV platform using our PC/ABS exterior grade.

PULSE XT70 exterior ingots

Resinex initiated the trial of PULSE™ XT70 

The painting system for the exterior panels needs a reliable high PC/ABS quality to avoid any visual defects on the final parts. The parts are being painted with wet on wet application in three different colors: Burnished Copper, Atlas Silver, and Narvik Black. Different to the thicker color layers of the Narvik Blue painting, the Burnished Copper and the Atlas Silver have thin layer coating systems and easily reveal residual stress areas or potential defects in the PC/ABS substrate.

PULSE XT70 exterior ingots

First tests with our material were successful and we supported the further optimization of the supplied paint solutions with our material knowledge and technical expertise. FCS Business Development Manager Allan Evans provided his expertise to precisely understand the unique painting process in this case, and FCS supported the successful collaboration also with paint optimization that was not substrate-related. After a cycle of tests and adjustments of the color systems, XT70 was approved in the OEM's level 1 tests (with painted plaques) and level 3 tests (with parts as produced). The material was successful on all test levels.

PULSE™ XT70 benefits and expert service make the difference

Our PC/ABS exterior grade is known for both heat resistance optimized for exterior automotive components and high gloss meeting even high exterior paintability requirements. Asked about the general benefits of PULSE™ XT70 our TS&D Specialist Maurice Laurijs replies: "For one thing there is the improved flowability. It enables our customers to achieve thin wall designs that allow for mass reduction. The easy flow additionally helps for less scrap and faster cycle times. For the other thing there is the low density of PULSE™ XT70 that drives to lighter part weight and supports a cost-efficient production." Regarding the specific needs for this case, Maurice highlights the very good paintability of PULSE™ XT70 that was much better than the previously used PC/ABS from a competitor.

Range Rover Velar PULSE XT70 exterior ingots

Other than the high-quality material, the proactivity of Resinex and our customer-focused service in collaboration with FC Sonneborn played a major role winning the luxury mid-size crossover SUV. Trinseo Key Account Manager Mark Goggins emphasizes: "Tiers and OEMs can benefit from this synergy. For Trinseo it is vital to support both our customers and our partners' customers—with information and service focused on the optimum resolution. Therefore, we appreciate the role of our distributor as a forerunner for new developments and the positioning of our XT-series."

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