PULSE™ XT7215 approved against PSA Group specifications

PSA Group Peugeot Citroën  PULSE XT7215

Another success for our exterior grade PULSE™ XT7215

"I’m happy to share with you the full validation of PULSE™ XT7215 PC/ABS at PSA." Pascal Desjours, Senior Development Engineer was excited to spread the good news to the Trinseo team via email. PULSE™ XT7215 in natural color and standard black went through extensive tests and – supported by our team's great collective performance – was approved against PSA Peugeot Citroën specification FTM62-0050.

We developed PULSE™ XT7215 for applications such as exterior trim parts, rear panels, spoilers, roof spoilers, roof bows and roof rails. The renowned properties of PULSE™ XT7215 offer many benefits to our customers. PULSE™ XT7215 excels with very low density and helps you to achieve a 2.5 percent weight reduction of your application (compared to incumbent products).

Our exterior grade is also known for best paint performance for class A surfaces. The very low CLTE enables an enhanced dimensional stability and better fit and finish. Due to its high ductility and easy flow our PC/ABS grade allows for greater design freedom and reduced cycle times, resulting in lower production costs. 

This successful validation will make it easier to collaborate with tiers developing and producing exterior applications for PSA.

Contact Pascal Desjours, Senior Development Engineer at to learn more about this validation case and the opportunitites and benefits of PULSE™ XT7215.

Click the link below to download the Fast Facts Sheet of our PULSE™ XT series.