Shanghai Volkswagen relies on PULSE™ GX70 for mid-console cover

PULSE™ GX70 in the VW Lavida

Trinseo helps Shanghai Volkswagen to solve production challenges  

PULSE™ GX70 is the material of choice for the mid-console covers of the new four-door compact sedan VW Lavida. Trinseo could support the Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. (SAIC Volkswagen) and its tier, INOAC, to tackle particular challenges. The Chinese OEM and its tier know about our deep technical expertise in the material development and processing technology of unpainted parts, and are familiar with us as a manufacturer and supplier of low-gloss PC/ABS resins. This is why they asked us for support to solve the challenges in the production of the covers. 

PULSE™ GX70 in the VW Lavida

The first challenge for SAIC Volkswagen was the appearance of mini bubbles after the hydrolysis aging test. Our experts were involved and performed some material tests. They identified an agglomeration of inorganic additives as the root cause for the bubbles. Following these test results, our technical experts modified the color recipe and could solve the challenge. 

In the further development process, tier INOAC asked for our support with the low gloss after the first workpieces had been injection-molded. We recommended that the molding tool's surface should be sandblasted, with the result that INOAC was able meet the required low-gloss surface appearance. 

PULSE™ GX70 in the VW Lavida

PULSE™ GX70 provides suitable benefits and advantages 

"Our customer chose PULSE™ GX70 for the unpainted application mainly as a result of its good low-gloss performance and its low VOC,” said Alex Yu, TS&D Engineer from Trinseo China. "It provides strong technical features such as low density, and high impact strength. These features meet the customer’s requirements, and also deliver a low-gloss appearance and high heat resistance. In addition, PULSE™ GX70 allows for lower manufacturing costs and can provide cost savings of up to 50 percent."

PULSE™ GX70 in the VW Lavida

Alex Yu could solve the challenges together with his colleague Mac Chen, Account Manager from Trinseo China, during the development process of the mid-console covers. “We are glad that we could help Shanghai Volkswagen and INOAC to learn more about the development and manufacturing of unpainted parts and to gain more experience. We could establish the foundation for a good relationship for the medium term and look forward to further collaboration,” emphasizes Alex Yu. 

If you wish to learn more about this case and the benefits of Trinseo's PULSE™ GX series for unpainted applications, please contact Alex Yu at