Case Studies

Special high-gloss aesthetics with PULSE™ A35-105

Hinged cover and gearshift frame made of PULSE A35-105

The right material for a premium interior application

Boryszew Kunststofftechnik Deutschland GmbH, a development and system supplier headquartered in Gardelegen (near Wolfsburg), was nominated to manufacture the upper side of the hinged cover and gearshift frame (left-hand drive as well as right-hand drive version) for the Volkswagen model T6. To obtain a premium aesthetic for this interior application, the company decided to paint the part with a lacquer to achieve a high-gloss black surface.
The unlacquered part must have a very smooth surface for best adherence and the highest quality gloss. Since the molding process can be very tricky for applications with these requirements, choosing the right material is crucial. An improper PC/ABS or an adverse color may often result in an uneven surface, which will later show microscopic stains once the part is lacquered. Such flaws blemish the premium appearance of the gearshift frame and hinged cover, and such issues may lead to high reject rates for a supplier.
To avoid choosing the wrong combination of color and material and end up with potential surface defects later, Boryszew contacted the specialists at Trinseo in Terneuzen to perform a materials study.

Gearshift frame of VW model T6 PULSE A35-105

Trinseo TS&D in Terneuzen provides a solution

Initially, our TS&D in Terneuzen, Netherlands, recommended an analysis be conducted on parts produced with our black PC/ABS PULSE™ A35-105, which showed the defect. The results of the analysis let us suppose that clusters could deform the surface, which was emphasized after the lacquer was applied. To establish the origin of the clusters it was suggested to perform a trial with our natural PC/ABS PULSE™ A35-105 and assess the absence of these clusters, which Boryszew approved.

Claus Hermans concluded that the surface defects were associated with the presence of carbon black pigment agglomerates located directly under the visual surface of the substrate. Based on the results of the performed studies, Claus suggested to manufacture PULSE™ A35-105 TP7702657 based on finely dispersed carbon black. This combination was delivered to Boryszew as a factory colored material.

Our PC/ABS PULSE™ A35-105 resin is known for its high-quality appearance both when used with color concentrates and in factory colored form. It is also suitable for the process used at Boryszew, where the part is first molded and then painted afterwards.

Gearshift frame for VW T6 PULSE A35-105

More benefits of PULSE™ A35-105

The PC/ABS resin PULSE™ A35-105 is especially developed for optimized automotive interior component applications with the following properties:

  • high impact strength even at low temperature
  • consistent natural white color
  • high quality part appearance with self-coloring or Trinseo Color Masterbatch Technology 
  • low odor & VOC to meet all global Automotive OEM specifications

PULSE™ A35-105 is approved against OEM specifications: Volkswagen TL 522 31-A.

Boryszew chooses PULSE™ A35-105

Boryszew tested producing the upper-hinged covers and the gearshift frames for the left-hand and the right-hand drive version with our custom colored material and approved the surface quality. A microscopic study performed by our TS&D department confirmed this as no defects were detected. As a result, Boryszew ran a successful industrial production trial. After this trial, they reported the part had a flawless high-gloss appearance and decided to switch to only using PULSE™ A35-105 TP7702657.

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