Sustainable Solutions – Trinseo Performance Plastics, April 2020

Rethinking Sustainability with Trinseo

Partnership for positive impact on the environment and our future

At Trinseo, we make materials that power our world and are intimately connected to the long-term impact of our products. We create sustainable material solutions and processes which meet not only performance property requirements and regional or industry regulatory considerations, but also help to save resources, divert waste, and reduce emissions.

Trinseo collaborates closely with customers worldwide to help them achieve their sustainability objectives through a variety of solutions including bioplastics, recycled content containing resins, and materials circularity processes.

Bioplastics support sustainable solutions

Bioplastics support sustainable solutions

In most global industries, bioplastics play an increasingly important role. Long before it was fashionable, Trinseo focused on the development of bio-based, biodegradable, and compostable materials for the footwear and fashion industries that meet even the highest customer standards. From our customers’ perspective, the drivers and benefits of incorporating bioplastics are multifaceted.

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Recycled content resin solutions with proven eco-advantage

Trinseo ECO PC and ECO PC/ABS

Trinseo has developed a high-performing portfolio of PC and PC/ABS resins that is focused on the growing emphasis on sustainable, environmentally friendly materials in many markets. The ECO Series is being produced using post-consumer or post-industrial recycled content, and provides Life Cycle Assessment-proven advantages for the environment, without a loss of performance.

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Bio-based TPU supports the lightweight trend in footwear

Bio-based TPU supports the lightweight trend in footwear

In 2020, we expanded our portfolio of sustainable plastics materials with APILON™ 52 BIO LIGHT, a lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) made with bio-based content. It provides outstanding lightness, softness, natural haptics with velvet touch, and sustainability. Moreover, the material reduces production cycle time by up to 60 percent compared to thermosetting materials like EVA, and allows for production cost savings and reduced energy consumption.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Our Global R&D Director, Pascal Lakeman knows: “Sustainability is much more than just using recycled raw materials or making sure that the product you make is recyclable.” But what does it really mean? Hear from Pascal how we approach sustainability and why it goes way beyond recycling.

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If you would like to know more about how Trinseo is rethinking sustainability and particularly which sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions we can provide for your business – reach out.

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