Sustainable Solutions – Trinseo Performance Plastics, May 2020

Sustainable Solutions – Trinseo Performance Plastics, May 2020

Protecting the environment as well as supporting our customers

For Trinseo, protecting the environment and public health are fundamental values that must be passed on to future generations. Sustainability means more than just recycling, and improving our processes and materials is part of all that we do every day. 

Whether through our range of bio-degradable TPE solutions to fossil-based alternatives or resins containing recycled content, we strive to protect the environment and assist our customers to meet their sustainability goals. 

Quantifying Sustainability with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) 

LCA Trinseo Life Cycle Assessment

Simply claiming products are “sustainable” is no longer good enough. Overused words, phrases, and claims such as these often become meaningless. Learn how this has paved the way for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Responsible refreshment: Biodegradable coffee capsules

Trinseo TPE biodegradable coffee capsules

Around sixty billion single serve coffee capsules go into landfills every year. Trinseo provides an alternative that satisfies environmental concerns and keeps the coffee fresh for prolonged periods.

PULSE™ ECO PC/ABS enables a reduced carbon footprint 


We are constantly working on expanding our ECO portfolio. The PULSE™ GX ECO PC/ABS Series contains post-industrial recycled (PIR) PC-resins and is our latest addition, providing comparable performance to its virgin equivalent.

Sourcing sustainable raw materials

Sourcing sustainable raw materials is driven by the technical requirements of the material itself and its end application. Click the YouTube frame below and learn how Trinseo ensures the quality of its sustainably advantaged raw materials from one of our experts, Johan Koopmans, Recycling & Circular Economy Sourcing Specialist, Trinseo.

If you would like to know more about how Trinseo is rethinking sustainability and particularly which sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions we can provide for your business – reach out.

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