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Synergies for growth: Trinseo has acquired API

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Broader Performance Plastics product portfolio

Trinseo completed the acquisition of API Applicazioni Plastiche Industriali S.p.A. The transaction includes API’s manufacturing and research facility at Mussolente, Italy, and all of API’s business, employees and assets. The API management team and employees are now part of Trinseo’s Performance Plastics business.

Trinseo’s first-ever acquisition is a significant moment in our company’s history. "The completion of this transaction will bring great opportunities to our customers and employees," said Chris Pappas, President and CEO of Trinseo. “API is a sophisticated polymer solutions provider with a strong position in soft-touch polymers – which complement Trinseo’s strengths in rigid polymers," Chris Pappas explains. "By leveraging API’s advanced manufacturing operations, excellent management, deep technical expertise, and strong customer relationships, we will further strengthen our Performance Plastics businesses to create growth synergies with customers in all global regions.”

We will further strengthen our Performance Plastics businesses to create growth synergies with customers in all global regions.

The combined products portfolio as well as the new technology and the addition of strong talent from API will benefit Trinseo's customers worldwide. We will be ready to meet an even broader array of application needs for the automotive, appliance, medical device, packaging, construction, footwear, and consumer goods industries.

API's complementary products

API offers a strong portfolio of soft-touch polymers which are complementary to Trinseo's rigid polymers and synthetic rubbers. API manufactures a broad range of TPE and TPU products, EVA-based compounds as well as two-component PUs.

Fast Facts about Trinseo API acquisition

"API’s products are distinct from Trinseo’s and are entirely complementary," states Hayati Yarkadas, Trinseo Sr. VP and Business President Performance Materials. "API’s soft-touch TPE products and technologies are very often used together with rigid plastics in similar applications."

Benefits for automotive customers

Of course, Trinseo's automotive customers can benefit from the transaction's synergies. API has long-term experience powering automotive applications with soft-touch polymer materials and technological expertise providing solutions for a broad range of automotive components, e. g. door panels, gear shifts, cup holders, dashboards, under the hood.

Just as Trinseo Automotive, API particularly develops lightweight and energy-saving solutions responding to the ever-evolving needs of the automotive sector. API is used to meet also the stringent legal requirements and standards that car manufacturers impose for exterior, interior, and under the hood applications.

Because of the upcoming integration, automotive OEMs and tiers can look forward to Trinseo being a one-stop partner offering

  • Broader skills in component design
  • Enhanced input for tooling design
  • More knowledge in molding process
  • Extended creativity in material combination
  • Advanced expertise in compound development according to specific application requirements

Overmolding is one example of the customer-focused synergy of our API-acquisition. You know overmolding as the injection process where one material (e. g. TPE) is molded onto a second material (typically a rigid plastic). This way you produce a finished product with a soft-touch on the top layer, and rigid structure underneath – without extra steps of gluing or mechanical fixing, and avoiding VOCs from adhesives. Overmolding is ideal for e. g. automotive applications where high-quality visual and haptic aesthetics are important.

You can overmold TPE compounds on several carrier materials such as ABS, PC, PC/ABS, as well as glass-reinforced PP resins. Currently you must rely on two separate polymer suppliers and you must validate the overmolding capabilities of the two polymers such as mechanical performance, fit, adhesion, and color match.

Example for overmolding Trinseo API Cup Holders

Synergies for growth

Trinseo will be a differentiator in the market as a single supplier of both rigid and soft-touch polymers and of the technical expertise to support your development and manufacturing of innovative automotive applications.