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Synergies for lacquered surfaces

Image of the Trinseo Webinar with decorative trim

Experts' firsthand insights

The Trinseo Webinar on "Reduced costs for lacquered surfaces using ColorForm Technology" was held on May 2 and 3, 2017. Trinseo presented this first webinar of an upcoming series  together with their partners KraussMaffei and PANADUR based on their successful collaboration at the K 2016.

Philipp Lachner (KraussMaffei), Dr. Gisela Warncke (PANADUR), Nicolaas Hermans (Trinseo), and Rene Kruidenier (Trinseo) came together for an expert presentation introducing

  • KraussMaffei ColorForm technology – innovative metering technology for fast color change (2K vs. 2K+1 technology)
  • PANADUR lacquer technology – advantages of the 2K and 3K coating systems
  • Trinseo PULSE™ AX50 – a PC/ABS substrate particularly developed to provide excellent adhesion performance
Synergies of ColorForm technology, PANADUR polyurea and PULSE AX50 – Trinseo Webinar May 2017

High quality surfaces for premium aesthetics

Perhaps you visited the K 2016 and you saw the production of decorative trim parts made from Trinseo's PULSE™ AX50 PC/ABS, lacquered with PANADUR polyurea and manufactured on a KraussMaffei machine in a one-shot process? It is the result of a successful innovative collaboration.

ColorForm process step by step – Trinseo Webinar May 2017

All the partners were facing similar challenges to produce improved high-quality interior components due to increasing customer demands. Cost-efficient manufacturing and lightweight design, excellent adhesion performance and premium haptics and aesthetics are just several keywords from a longer list that describe the current market situation. The three companies developed new solutions to meet these requirements and, focusing on their customers' success, brought their innovations together.

PANADUR polyurea 2K 3K advantages – Trinseo Webinar 2017

The Trinseo Webinar provided insights into how the combination of these three technologies lead to

  • Reduced costs for premium lacquered surfaces
  • Improved impact properties
  • Excellent adhesion retention

Advantages of PULSE™ AX50 PC/ABS used with isocyanate based lacquers in the ColorForm process

  • Adhesion
  • Hydrolytic stability (adhesion retention)
  • High impact strength at room- and low temperature
  • Low density
  • Heat resistance tailor-made for most automotive interior applications
  • Low emissions
  • Easy processing

Watch the video of the Trinseo Webinar and learn more about the opportunities to produce highly aesthetic lightweight applications with lacquered surfaces at reduced costs.

If you want to learn more about the featured technologies you can download additional information (PDF format) by clicking the links below. We also offer our Trinseo Webinar presentation in a compressed PPT format (39MB).