TPE Solutions for the Automotive Industry

New Automotive Brochure wth TPE Solutions

Download the new brochure on TPE solutions in Automotive

With the recently completed acquisition of API Applicazioni Plastiche Industriali S.p.A., Trinseo expanded its product portfolio by a strong range of soft-touch polymers. Thermoplastic Elastomers will benefit the automotive with their superior properties in:

  • durability
  • weight reduction
  • design flexibility
  • shorter cycle time
  • optimized appearance
  • recyclability 
  • bio-based formula

Our TPE compounds provide the right properties for an improved lightweight, energy-saving and cost-effective design. Therefore, they promise an even greater Interior Experience. 

In our recently published new brochures you can explore, how the new Trinseo product range can enhance your interior and exterior applications as well as engine compartment and chassis applications.

Please download the full brochure PDF here.