Trinseo at Jaguar Land Rover Mini Tech-Show in China

Two employees at Trinseo at Jaguar Land Rover Mini Tech-Show

Only one plastic material supplier was invited 

Jaguar Land Rover likes to keep its employees up to the latest trends and innovations by organizing internal mini tech-shows for their management, engineers, technical personnel and other staff members. That’s why on August 14, 2017 they invited current suppliers to their headquarters in Changshu, China. Leather ware manufacturers, fragrance manufacturers and many more joined the event – so did Trinseo. We were honored to be the only invited plastic material supplier.

Three Trinseo TS&D engineers met with some 60 Jaguar Land Rover people, sharing information of our low odor material and experience with them. We showcased a variety of low odor, low gloss materials, such as PULSE™ GX50, PULSE™ GX70, MAGNUM™ 3325SLG, MAGNUM™ 3416SLG; as well as finished parts such as pillar, door sill, door handle / grip, mid floor console. Trinseo automotive brochures and resin samples also formed part of the display.

Trinseo display at Jaguar Land Rover Tech-Show

Our VOC levels exceed industry standards

As the thematic priority of the mini tech-show was on automotive interior odor and fragrances, two odor testing laboratories were set up at the location, enabling participants to conduct on-site experiments.

Also Trinseo resins were put to the test and performed very well without surprise. Under the watchful eyes of Jaguar Land Rover employees, the tests demonstrated the extremely low odor level of Trinseo resins. In other words: interior car parts made by our resins have inherent low VOC levels, which exceed most industry standards and therewith prove positive impact to the air quality inside a car.

Trinseo at Jaguar Land Rover Tech-Show

Exchange with the customer provides valuable insights

For us as a company, tech days like this one hold various advantages. Not only did our material specialists have a good time in China. The well received mini exhibition also granted us the opportunity to get to know our clients even better and to position our Trinseo technologies at Jaguar Land Rover.

It was our pleasure to be invited to the Jaguar Land Rover internal exhibition and we were very pleased to be able to share ideas and discuss technological developments. We surely will continue to work closely with Jaguar Land Rover, to be their trusted material partner worldwide.

Trinseo at Jaguar Land Rover Tech-Show

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