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Trinseo color experts gain Renault certification

Renault Trinseo Coloring Group Certification

Renault certification "Rule for assessing supplier competence in metrology, testing or calculations" for the Trinseo Coloring Group 

In April 2018, the Trinseo Coloring Group received the accreditation certification from the Groupe Renault's Industrial DESIGN Department. This great success was made possible by the in-depth technical expertise and consistent effort by Eric Goethals, Patrick Goethals, and Frank Nobus from our lab team.

The certification empowers our color lab to self-validate/self-accredit new or existing colors with new materials in respect of the Renault "Rule for assessing supplier competence in metrology, testing or calculations". 

For the self-certification process for Renault colors, Eric Goethals received  certification as "Responsible for Colors Homologation" of the industrial batches delivered. Patrick Goethals is Renault-certificated to "Expert Level", and Frank Nobus gained the "Confirmed Level" certification. Trinseo will be visible in the Renault PMR (Plastic Materials Referential) as certificated color supplier.

Trinseo has a long-term business relationship with the French OEM. As with all our strategic partners, we work together for the continuous improvement of our high-performance products, and we collaborate closely on innovation and proactive customer support.

In addition to the Trinseo Coloring Groups in Terneuzen, The Netherlands and in Hsinchu, China, Trinseo has a well-established coloring team in Mussolente, Italy, offering in-depth expertise in color matching for TPE and TPU solutions, particularly renowned in the footwear and fashion industry.

If you would like to learn more about the Trinseo Coloring Group, please feel free to contact to Eric Goethals - egoethals@trinseo.com