Trinseo highlights new MEGOL™ AUTO TPE series at Fakuma 2018

Cover of the Fakuma Brochure

High-quality surfaces and premium aesthetics with Trinseo’s new TPE grades  

At Fakuma 2018 in Friedrichshafen, October 2018, Trinseo highlighted four new thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) chemistries that include 16 new overmolding grades designed to deliver optimum adhesion to Trinseo’s MAGNUM™ ABS, PULSE™ PC/ABS, and other polar substrates. Fakuma is the important technical event for industrial plastics processing in Germany. 

“Trinseo’s portfolio of rigid and soft-touch plastics allows us to offer custom solutions for a variety of applications,” explains Celso Magri, Global Marketing Director for Trinseo Performance Plastics. “This includes supporting a growing marketplace demand for applications requiring soft-touch overlays for ergonomics, functionality, safety, and aesthetics. One of Trinseo’s advantages is our ability to have full control over the chemistry of both materials – the TPE and the rigid plastic substrate. As a result, Trinseo is in a position to enable optimal adhesion between the two materials in end applications.” 

Our TPE materials are manufactured at Trinseo's Mussolente, Italy, facility. This site is focused on the development, design, and processing of TPEs and also includes a state-of-the-art Specialized Overmolding Center where we can measure the adhesion of soft-touch materials on rigid substrates according to VDI 2019 standard.

Download the brochure “Enabling High-Quality Surfaces and Premium Aesthetics” for automotive applications and learn more about our product portfolio including the new MEGOL™ AUTO TPS-SEBS series.